Perapi Bowl

2021 PERAPI'S Bowl
First Announcement

Get ready to outsmart your Indonesian plastic surgery resident colleagues in a quiz-style tournament at this year’s InaPRAS meeting in Bandung.

Designed to foster a spirit of friendship and competition between plastic surgery residency program, the 2020 PERAPI’S Bowl will field a team of 4 residents go head-to-head in an ultimate battle of the brains. Highlights include multiple-choice questions and a perpetual grand trophy prizes that will reside with the winning team during the following year.

Secure your tickets to the InaPRAS meeting and register your residents team! Up to 8 team spot available, contact meeting organizer for more information.


Teams of 4 residents, up to 8 teams, will compete by answering questions. The first rounds (10 questions each) will be played in a multiple-choice,"quiz-bowl" format with a mix of questions including: plastic surgery, plastic surgery history and general (non- plastic surgery) trivia. Teams will continue to play until leaving the two teams to compete on stage for the final round.

Any plastic surgery resident who is attending the Annual Meeting can apply to create a team of four, preferably from the same residency programs. Any resident who would like to participate should contact the organizer to register their team.

Yes, there are seatings for audience members, just as long as they have a badge and are registered to attend the Annual Meeting.

Yes, a perpetual grand trophy prizes that will reside with the winning team during the following year. Certificates will be presented to the winners as well as gift from sponsor and donators.

A workgroup of PERAPI Faculty members representing all subspecialty areas developed the questions. They were selected in a way that the neutrality and confidential of the questions are ensured

Yes. You can contact the organizer for the rules and guidelines.

No, you will have to do that separately. Registering for the annual meeting is mandatory. You will need to be registered for the Annual Meeting in order to participate in the PERAPI’S Bowl.

Structure and Rules
  1. Participant Selection:
    • All residents must be registered for Annual Meeting to apply, attend and/or participate
    • Any plastic surgery resident can apply to create a team of four, preferably from the same residency
    • Participants for the PERAPI’S Bowl will be capped at 8
  2. Structure of the PERAPI’S Bowl
    • Prior to the start of the round, there will be a warm-up. Questions will be posed to serve as an icebreaker and demonstrate the rules.
  3. Rounds:
    • There will be 1 rounds of 10 questions each. Correct anwer get plus one score.
    • Each round will have a mix of questions including: plastic surgery, plastic surgery history and general (non-plastic surgery) trivia. Teams will respond via buzz bell (provided at the table)
    • If a team buzzes in before the emcee is finished reading the question, the emcee will not finish question until an answer is given.
    • Once the buzzer is pressed, the team will have 10 seconds to answer
    • If the first team that buzzes in does not answer correctly in the final round, the other team will have the opportunity to answer the question
    • In the event of a tie, additional questions will be asked.
    • After the final round is completed, the emcee will announce the winning team.
    • The remaining two teams will advance to the Final Round.
  4. Audience Rules
    • The audience must remain silent throughout the game.
    • You cannot signal or message the participants.
  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Dress Code – can be casual. Dress up if you wish!
    • No penalty for incorrect answers
    • 1 points will be awarded for each correct answer
    • Judges have the final word on all answers
    • Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes: Cell phone use, Personal tablet use, Communication of any kind with the audience. Entire team will be disqualified
    • Participant no-shows, will be disqualified.
    • Questions and answers will be given in English