General Information

Event Name : The 24th Annual Scientific Meeting Indonesian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (InaPRAS)


Grand Mercure, Bandung
Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No.269-275,  Bandung 40154, West Java, Indonesia
Phone : (022) 82000000
Website: click here

Indonesian association of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (InaPRAS)

Bandung International Airport (Husein Sastranegara) is the main airport in Bandung city area, West Java, Indonesia.The airport is located 4.8 km north-west from Bandung city center and 2.4 km from Bandung Central train station.One airport terminal is used for domestic and international flights. The area of the terminal is 2,411.85 square meters (25,961 sq ft) and has three floors. Terminal B for international flights. For more information please visit

English in the official of the conference and will be used for all printed material, presentation and discussion.

The committee will organized an exhibition in conjunction with the congress, featuring the latest pharmaceutical and medical equipment for clinical managements and research. Companies interested in participating in the exhibition may request for details from the congress secretariat.

The organizing committee will send a letter of invitation upon request. This invitation is intended to facilitate participant’s travel and visa arrangement and do not imply any commitment of financial or other support by the organizing committee. Please include your name, address, and a note requesting a letter of invitation.

The organizing committee shall not be held liable for personal accidents, illness, loses, or damage to private property of registered delegates of the congress, during and after the event. Participant is finally responsible for any damage sustained venue fittings, property or equipment. Participants are strongly recommended to seek insurance coverage for health and accident, lost luggage and trip cancellation.


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